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Elevate your workplace privacy and security
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Elevate your workplace privacy and security

In an era where generative AI has unlocked new possibilities across industries, it has also introduced fresh security concerns, particularly in the context of data breaches and cybersecurity threats.

Maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of company information is more critical than ever. Companies are under increasing pressure to safeguard sensitive data while ensuring employees can access the information they need to perform their duties efficiently. This delicate balance is where Qatalog excels, providing a solution that respects privacy and enhances operational security.

What is Qatalog?

Qatalog provides a centralized platform that enhances workplace efficiency through several key features. Its keyword search allows users to quickly find relevant conversations, files, and emails all in one place.

Qatalog employs AI-powered technology to enable users to ask questions using everyday language and receive smart, prompt answers. It helps to streamline operations by allowing users to design, manage, and automate custom workflows, making process management smoother and more efficient.

Boost your workplace privacy and security 

Secure, permission-aware access: Qatalog's innovative approach ensures that employees can access only the information they are permitted to see. By aligning with your organization’s existing permissions structure, Qatalog maintains strict confidentiality and compliance, preventing unauthorized access and leakage of sensitive information. This ensures that every piece of data retrieved through Qatalog is not only relevant but also securely delivered according to the user’s access rights.

Advanced data encryption: From the moment data is queried until it’s displayed on your screen, every bit of information is protected by robust encryption protocols. Qatalog applies full data encryption both in transit and at rest, adhering to stringent industry standards including SOC II, GDPR, and ISO 27001. This comprehensive security measure safeguards your data against unauthorized access and cyber threats, ensuring that your company’s information remains secure and private.

No indexing or copying of data: Qatalog’s commitment to privacy is further reinforced by its policy of not copying, indexing or storing your data, or using it to train AI models. Unlike other platforms that store snippets or copies of your information, Qatalog interacts directly with the source data in real time. This approach not only minimizes the risk of data breaches but also ensures that no outdated or inaccurate data is ever used in decision-making processes.

Intelligent, privacy-centric workflows: Automate your document management and approval processes while keeping your data secure. Qatalog’s AI-assisted workflows are designed to handle sensitive information with utmost confidentiality. These smart workflows ensure that data handling complies with organizational and regulatory standards, reducing human error and enhancing data privacy.

Real-time, accurate and secure responses: Experience the pinnacle of privacy-focused artificial intelligence with Qatalog. The platform’s AI provides instant, accurate responses to your queries, drawing information securely and directly from your internal databases and documents. This ensures that the answers you receive are not only timely and relevant but also completely secure, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your company's sensitive data.

Choosing Qatalog means prioritizing both efficiency and security. It's designed for enterprises that value privacy, requiring no synchronization or storage of customer data. Crucially, Qatalog places control in the hands of its administrators regarding which data sources can connect to the system. This not only protects your information but also significantly mitigates the risk associated with external breaches.

You can experience the difference with Qatalog by signing up for a demo. Witness firsthand how our platform can transform the way your team accesses and utilizes information without compromising on privacy or security.

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