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Data security & governance
No data-indexing
actionquery uses real time API queries and GraphQL based data retrieval, so there's no need to index data on an external server and keep it constantly in-sync.
Scale & infra redundancy
Data is hosted across multiple data centers in multiple regions, allowing for quick cutover in the unlikely event of a breach.
End-to-end security
All communication over Qatalog's web app is encrypted over 256-bit SSL, and a third party is contracted to complete penetration testing of our application.
Data safeguarding & governance
Qatalog is a stateless engine for your data needs. However, any data that passes through our systems are subject to very stringent data & governance policies.
We go beyond standard certifications and policies to ensure the safety and privacy of our customers and their data.
We take the trust and safety of our customers seriously. We undergo annual audits and we're SOC 2 certified and GDPR and CCPA compliant.
SOC 2 Type II
Qatalog is SOC 2 certified and our system and process controls are independently audited on an annual basis.
GDPR & CCPA compliant
Qatalog runs on extremely strict and comprehensive internal audit processes for data management and has full compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations.
Scale, security & reliability
Infrastructure by Google
ISO compliant infrastructure
Certifications: 27001, 27701
SOC 2 Compliant Infrastructure
Protocols for security, availability, integrity, and confidentiality.
Edge networking
Edge-networking is localized at the location level and benefits from the security and benefits of Cloudflare's global network, such as DDoS protection.
Security, isolation & audit mechanisms
Protected with advanced threat detection, prevention, and alarm mechanisms. We run on robust isolated networks with fully auditable access and logs.
Rapid setup,
easy deployment
Seamless onboarding • Enterprise grade security • Concierge support
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