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Connect Outlook to search and access your emails and calendar events.
Connect Zoom to join your meetings from Qatalog.
Connect Google Calendar query your data directly from Qatalog.
Connect Box to search and access your files.
Connect Linear to manage your engineering projects and track your team's progress.
Connect GitLab to search and access your repositories.
Connect ClickUp to manage your projects, tasks, and deadlines.
Connect to find, track tasks and manage your projects.
Connect Slack to re-share your Qatalog posts on your channels.
Connect Microsoft Teams to re-share your Qatalog posts on your channels.
Natural Language Engine for Enterprise
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  • Features overview
  • System architecture
  • Data security
  • Query lifecycle and data flow
  • Competitor comparison

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Enterprise-grade reliability, safety, and compliance combined with a seamless user experience.
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Rapid setup,
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Seamless onboarding • Enterprise grade security • Concierge support
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