Workflows & Automation
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Make company-wide processes transparent, repeatable, and scalable.
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Progress Tracking

The source of truth on company processes

Create visibility

Make company-wide processes accessible and visible to every employee, in one place.

Tracking and collaboration

Create and collaborate on Workflows, and then assign and track your progress.


Smart automations that reduce workload and drive consistency

Automate new workflows

Use Triggers to automate your organization's Standard Operating Procedures, so there's one fewer thing to remember.

New team member just joined?

Qatalog automatically assigns the relevant onboarding process.

Custom Workflows

Eliminate process pages for critical processes

A scalable system

Say goodbye to long lists in clunky documents use Workflows to build a more scalable solution.

Reduce risks

Reduce dependencies on key individuals by enabling everyone to execute them consistently.

Process Hub

Automate work across other critical tools

Multi-tool workflows

Connect your existing tools to create and complete multi-step workflows across multiple tools from one place, while maintaining the permission structure.

Secure &
SOC 2 Type II
No data-indexing
Rapid setup, easy deployment.
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