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Qatalog report highlights issue of productivity theater

Founder in Five: Q&A with Qatalog CEO Tariq Rauf

Tariq Rauf of Qatalog reveals the next frontier for workplace automation

Qatalog research finds presenteeism costs 67 mins each day

Qatalog data reveals digital presenteeism problem

Qatalog data reveals problem of async privilege

What Tinder can teach us about building a digital office

Qatalog CEO explains why the visa system needs updating for new reality of distributed teams

The UK visa system needs to catch up with the new reality - Qatalog CEO

Why you should dare to go distributed

Qatalog CEO on how startups can avoid the trap of digital presenteeism

Qatalog CEO explains why trust is crucial for a 4 day week

Qatalog: Is a dedicated head of async really necessary?

Should you hire a Head of Remote?

Qatalog research: Remote working is creating a 'trust crisis'

The “paradigm shift in how people work” with Tariq Rauf of Qatalog

Webrazzi: Qatalog keeps all your tools in one place, eliminating the need for constant switching

Qatalog research: Workers spend too much time switching among different tools to get their jobs done

‘A wholesale shift in thinking’: Qatalog and the workplace of the future

What peak productivity actually looks like in meetings

Europe’s fastest-growing no code companies, revealed

Qatalog: Productivity software overload is killing workers’ productivity

A year into remote work, most companies still don’t get this basic concept about office-free workplaces

Qatalog, a UK start-up that aims to simplify remote working, raises £11.3m

Qatalog, the ‘virtual workspace’ rebundling SaaS tools to help teams function better, raises $15M

Qatalog exits stealth with $18.5 million to unify SaaS tools in the workplace

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