Harnessing AI in Insights and Analytics teams
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Finding solutions that can facilitate operations and boost efficiency at work are paramount. Qatalog is designed to streamline workflows and drastically reduce the time your organization spends on mundane tasks.
Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) technology boosts AI response accuracy by integrating real-time data, ensuring decision integrity and compliance. Qatalog harnesses this technology to become a vital asset for businesses navigating the digital landscape.
Maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of company information is more critical than ever, and companies are under increasing pressure to safeguard sensitive data. Qatalog provides a solution that respects privacy and enhances operational security.
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Harnessing AI in Insights and Analytics teams

To maintain a competitive edge and make strategic choices, organizations must adopt advanced technologies. Generative AI is a pivotal innovation, transforming how Insights and Analytics teams develop actionable business strategies. It doesn't merely assist in strategic decision-making – it is essential to it. 

A recent McKinsey survey reveals that companies effectively using customer analytics are 23 times more likely to excel in new customer acquisition and nine times more likely in enhancing customer loyalty compared to their rivals. Yet, many organizations face challenges in fully leveraging their data across various sources. Often, insights are confined within the central analysis and research teams, depriving decision-makers of the timely, pertinent information they require. According to a Forrester study, 60-73% of all data within businesses remains unexploited for analysis and decision-making, underlining a significant gap that no business can afford to ignore.

By granting frontline workers and decision-makers self-serve access to relevant, trusted insights via generative AI, organizations can become more agile, innovative, and resilient.

How can Qatalog help?

With its AI-enhanced capabilities, Qatalog offers a seamless solution that amplifies the effectiveness of Insights and Analytics teams. Here’s how Qatalog can specifically bolster these functions.

Instant, self-serve access to verified insights: At the heart of Qatalog's approach is our intuitive natural language interface. This feature empowers users to query insights using everyday language, eliminating the need to navigate complex dashboards or master technical query languages. Simply pose your questions as if you were asking a colleague. For instance, you might ask, "What was our market share in Europe last quarter?" or "Which customer segments are most likely to churn?" With Qatalog, accessing crucial business insights is as easy as having a conversation.

Centralized data streams: Qatalog acts as a centralized platform where all data streams are integrated. This consolidation eliminates the silos that typically complicate data accessibility and interpretation. With Qatalog, teams can access a unified view of information, which is crucial for comprehensive analysis and quicker insight generation.

Enhanced collaboration: Collaboration is key in analytics projects, and Qatalog's tools foster an environment where sharing and communication are streamlined. Whether it’s sharing dashboards, reports, or real-time data insights, Qatalog ensures that all team members are on the same page, enhancing synergy and reducing the risk of errors.

Find out how Qatalog can drive innovation and efficiency across your Insights and Analytics teams by signing up for a demo today.

Qatalog is the world’s first Intelligent Work Hub. Our mission is to allow every business to work the way it wants, with bespoke software that centralizes people, processes and knowledge. It’s structured and seamlessly connected, meaning work becomes visible, processes are automated, and collaboration is supercharged. Made-to-measure and built to last, it adapts to the changing needs of the business. Founded in 2019, Qatalog has raised $18.5m in venture funding from backers including Atomico, Mosaic, and Salesforce Ventures.
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