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Ask a question, and Qatalog becomes your trusted knowledge navigator —
instantly delivering accurate answers and their source materials.
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Access real-time data across your company
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    The answers to your employees' daily questions
    are scattered across tons of files and applications.

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    Ask Qatalog — the internal search engine that scans every company platform and tool for the answers you need.

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    Qatalog gives you the instant TL;DR.

    No need to spend the time combing through docs or jumping into individual programs to find specific information — Qatalog integrates with all your applications to find the exact answer to your question.

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    Ask questions in natural language, no need for prompt engineering.

    Qatalog uses multiple LLMs to offer accurate and relevant answers instantly. It is permissions aware and offers you the source material for verification.

    Unlike ChatGPT, we don’t need to index your data to power your searches.

    Our unique actionquery technology accesses your applications via API’s, not through indexed content, meaning your information is secure — even from us.

    Simplify access to information across your business with One Search Bar for...
    Get instant access to document summaries and verified strategic insights without the guesswork.
    File Storage Sources
    Google DriveBoxDropboxOneDrive
    Get procedural updates and track goals with a clear and instant view of your team’s top priorities.
    File Storage Sources
    ConfluenceNotionMicrosoft Sharepoint
    Get immediate, self-guided access to all employee policies, benefits and documentation.
    File Storage Sources
    ConfluenceNotionMicrosoft SharepointGoogle Drive
    ROI in 30 days

    Employees are digging through information from different sources, wasting 2 hours per week on average.

    With Qatalog they will instantly get that time back. Use the calculator to see the return on investment for your company.

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    Saving after 12 months:
    How do you validate if the data/answer is correct?
    What happens if there is conflicting data?
    Can Qatalog generate concise and accurate summaries of lengthy documents or articles?
    Can administrators manage access levels for different users? How do we make sure employees don't access sensitive information?
    Can I choose what sources employees are able to search through?
    Rapid setup,
    easy deployment
    Seamless onboarding • Enterprise grade security • Concierge support
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