Articles about the future of work

More than just hybrid. The future of work is vast, and in these articles we try to wrap our heads around it.

Job van der Voort on building strong connections remotely

Job van der Voort, CEO of Remote, saw a missed opportunity to hire workers on a global scale. Now, his company operates on a remote-first basis. Read more

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The importance of trust, flexibility, and focus in the workplace

Welcome to the new model of work. Read more

Allison Whalen on building programs that support employees

"It’s now abundantly clear that companies that want to attract the best talent need to offer more paid parental leave." Read more

Jen Leary on remote friction points

Jen Leary on the organizational culture of Shift and the ingredients that make up a successful hybrid model. Read more

Webinar recap: building a digital office in a hybrid world

What we learned about building a healthy hybrid workforce in our panel discussion. Read more

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How your best people accidentally build next-gen collaboration tools

The collaboration workarounds great employees invent to save time, and how those tricks end up influencing the market. Read more

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Don't get gassed up on hybrid working models just yet

The key to hybrid work models is portability, and you don’t get it by burdening your people with every shiny new productivity toy. Alignment comes fir... Read more

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When it comes to the workday, aim for better, not fewer

When revolutionizing the workday, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to “less of the same." Here are 3 innovative models for improving work/life balance. Read more

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The new normal is dead

Nothing is normal anymore, and the way companies operate can’t be either. Read more

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Darren Murph on approaching remote work intentionally

Darren Murph, GitLab’s Head of Remote, spoke to us about the findings of GitLab's 2021 Remote Work Report. Read more

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Remote work blind spots need to be addressed before a shift to hybrid

GitLab's 2021 Remote Work Report exposes generational divides in the workplace — specifically divides between the perception and reality of how well r... Read more

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Kurt Schrader on collaborating in a remote world

Kurt Schrader, CEO and co-founder of Clubhouse Software, has been working to make product collaboration easier for teams and organizations. Read more

Future of work with Kurt Schrader of Clubhouse

Jim Kalbach on the future of team collaboration

If you had to introduce yourself in one sentence, what would you say? I’m MURAL’s Chief Evangelist, committed to spreading our mission of new ways of... Read more

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It’s time to define a new way of work

There are many incredible SaaS applications out there. But the ability to balance them all together in a complementary fashion has become a rare art. Read more

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