What's new in Qatalog - May 2023
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Data-indexing might be the most common approach, but it has a number of drawbacks for enterprise customers.
Here’s what we’ve launched or updated in Qatalog in the past month.
Here’s what we’ve launched or updated in Qatalog in the past month.
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What’s new on Qatalog: May 2023

If we're talking about work, every individual, team, and organization strives to achieve specific goals. But how can you make progress if you're not tracking it? Enter: Measurements.

Measurements allow you to track and measure specific metrics or progress toward particular goals. Essentially it’s a flexible feature that enables you and your teammates to measure anything you want in Qatalog.

What can I use Measurements for?

  • Goals setting and tracking: This is the primary use case for measurements. Whether you use OKR, SMART, or a different type of goal framework, measurements can accommodate it.

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking and reporting: KPIs are great for tracking important, everyday metrics that you want to keep your eye on. Unlike goals, they may not have an explicit deadline or target value.

What else is new?

  • Weekly Slack Digest: Automatically generate a digest post to a Slack channel at the end of the week, to keep track of your Item’s updates.

  • Workflow assignments: You can now execute them from mobile.

  • Kudos: New UX for Kudos on profiles.

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