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Secure sensitive information while enabling insights across the enterprise

For organizations striving to unlock the full potential of their information assets, ensuring the security and sensitivity of that information is paramount. With sensitive insights often stored in a variety of applications, folders, and other repositories, maintaining proper access controls and adhering to data governance policies becomes a critical challenge. Traditional approaches to data management, which involve indexing and storing information in centralized repositories, can introduce potential risks and compliance issues.

To address these concerns, innovative solutions like Qatalog's AI-powered platform have adopted a unique approach to enabling insights access while maintaining high levels of information security and sensitivity.

Our actionquery engine

At the core of Qatalog's approach is a proprietary AI engine called "actionquery," which enables self-serve insights without indexing or copying sensitive information. Instead of copying, storing or saving insights, actionquery connects directly to an organization's existing sources via live APIs, leveraging user-level tokens and granular permissions to ensure each individual only has access to the information they are authorized to view.

This approach eliminates the need for data replication or syncing, reducing the risk of security breaches and ensuring compliance with industry regulations and internal policies. Furthermore, actionquery discards all information after processing, leaving no residual traces of sensitive insights within the system.

But security is not the only consideration – Qatalog's architecture is also designed to accommodate a wide range of insights, sources, and integrations. Enterprises can connect as few or as many sources as needed, starting with one or two and expanding over time.

By combining advanced natural language processing, machine learning, and secure integration capabilities, Qatalog enables organizations to strike the perfect balance between enabling insights access and safeguarding sensitive information. With this innovative approach, companies can unlock the full potential of their insights-driven initiatives while maintaining the highest levels of security, compliance, and control.

In today's insights-driven landscape, the ability to provide access to information while ensuring information sensitivity is a critical competitive advantage. By prioritizing both accessibility and security, organizations can empower their workforce with the insights they need to drive better decision-making, foster innovation, and achieve long-term success in an increasingly insights-driven world.

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