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Generative AI is a pivotal innovation, transforming how Insights and Analytics teams develop actionable business strategies. It doesn't merely assist in strategic decision-making – it is essential to it.
Finding solutions that can facilitate operations and boost efficiency at work are paramount. Qatalog is designed to streamline workflows and drastically reduce the time your organization spends on mundane tasks.
Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) technology boosts AI response accuracy by integrating real-time data, ensuring decision integrity and compliance. Qatalog harnesses this technology to become a vital asset for businesses navigating the digital landscape.
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The power of unified operational intelligence

Operational efficiency has emerged as a critical battleground for enterprises in the relentless pursuit of competitive advantage. Optimized operations, agility, and institutional knowledge can directly impact customer experiences, revenue streams, and bottom lines. However, despite having vast amounts of operational intelligence distributed across various systems, tools, and teams, many companies face challenges in effectively leveraging this information to drive business value.

Enter Qatalog's enterprise search AI solution, a pioneering approach that aims to break the operational intelligence struggle. By combining advanced natural language AI with unified access to disparate, internal data sources, Qatalog empowers every employee with on-demand self-service access to the operational knowledge they need.

At the heart of Qatalog's solution is the ability to write in natural language. Users can simply ask questions using conversational language, such as "What are the steps for the cloud database backup procedure?" or "Which operational sites have open compliance issues this quarter?" Qatalog's cutting-edge natural language understanding capabilities comprehend the nuanced intent behind multi-part, conditional queries to provide precise and contextually relevant results – not just keyword matches.

But Qatalog doesn't just search your information – it connects it. By providing a single search bar experience where you can search through a variety of connected applications, Qatalog offers unified visibility across sources. This seamless integration extends to your existing operational systems and workflows, allowing Qatalog to initiate actions and data flows, pushing relevant information to employees in context, accelerating operational efficiency.

With enterprise search AI powering unified operational intelligence across your organization, you can unlock transformative operational optimization. 

  • Boost efficiency through on-demand access to procedures, documentation, and best practices. 

  • Accelerate operational decision-making with real-time visibility into key metrics, processes, and resource availability. 

  • Improve cross-functional alignment by facilitating visibility and collaboration across operational domains. 

  • Rapidly upskill employees leveraging democratized access to institutional operational intelligence

  • Strengthen governance by connecting policies, safety guidelines, and regulatory standards into a unified operational experience.

Embrace the future of operational excellence with Qatalog's enterprise search AI solution, and unleash the power of unified operational intelligence.

Interested in trying it out for yourself? Reach out to our team to schedule a free demo.

Qatalog is the world’s first Intelligent Work Hub. Our mission is to allow every business to work the way it wants, with bespoke software that centralizes people, processes and knowledge. It’s structured and seamlessly connected, meaning work becomes visible, processes are automated, and collaboration is supercharged. Made-to-measure and built to last, it adapts to the changing needs of the business. Founded in 2019, Qatalog has raised $18.5m in venture funding from backers including Atomico, Mosaic, and Salesforce Ventures.
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