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Generative AI is a pivotal innovation, transforming how Insights and Analytics teams develop actionable business strategies. It doesn't merely assist in strategic decision-making – it is essential to it.
Finding solutions that can facilitate operations and boost efficiency at work are paramount. Qatalog is designed to streamline workflows and drastically reduce the time your organization spends on mundane tasks.
Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) technology boosts AI response accuracy by integrating real-time data, ensuring decision integrity and compliance. Qatalog harnesses this technology to become a vital asset for businesses navigating the digital landscape.
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What’s new on Qatalog: April 2023

When it comes to work, sometimes we wish things could just get done on their own.

Well, now they can! Introducing: Triggers.

Triggers are automated actions that happen in the background of your Qatalog. You can set them up by choosing an event that triggers a desired action, and Qatalog will do the rest. You can use them for things like:

  • Sending welcome emails to new members of an Item (such as a project, client, or campaign)
  • Creating a Slack channel anytime a new Item is added
  • Publishing an announcement Thread when an Item’s status changes

Read on to discover more updates, or book a call with our friendly team to learn more.

What else is new?

  • Externally share Workflows: You can now invite people outside of your organization to fill out a Workflow, without inviting them to join your Qatalog.
  • Default sub-tasks: Admins can now add sub-tasks when they create a default task on a Module.
  • OpenAI Workflow steps: Now you can include text generation from OpenAI as a step in your Workflows.

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