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How to run a remote retrospective

Reinforce your team's productivity and performance with remote retrospectives. Read more

How do you share updates with your team?

When your company has an entirely remote workforce, the key to effective online team collaboration is good communication. Read more


Becoming a world-class knowledge worker

How to set standards for productivity & collaboration in your company. Read more


The hottest trend in corporate culture is documentation

Building an attractive corporate culture may seem like a wild challenge to tackle but it turns out, you can get pretty far simply by writing stuff dow... Read more

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The definitive guide to async communication

Asynchronous communication offers the ideal framework for remote teams who’re looking to engage team members across time zones, build consensus contin... Read more

Team meeting

4 keys to building a cross-functional hybrid team

Cross-functional teams are assembled to complete high-impact work, but a hybrid approach to work can add another layer to the process. Read more

Speaking truth to the myth of nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication in the workplace shouldn't impact performance so much that it's an argument to ditch the hybrid model. Read more

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How your best people accidentally build next-gen collaboration tools

The collaboration workarounds great employees invent to save time, and how those tricks end up influencing the market. Read more

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4 reasons why goal-setting is a must for distributed teams

Very few companies communicate goals effectively. Make sure your distributed team is on the same page. Read more

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How big-picture thinking can inspire innovative teamwork

Goal-setting is an entirely new game when it has to align remote workers, and it’s up to us to connect purpose with innovative teamwork and transparen... Read more

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How to set SMART goals in 2021

SMART goal setting for the distributed worker involves transparency and collaboration. Read more

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How to run effective meetings — and how to know when to share an async update instead

It’s time to makeover your meetings. Check out the traits of a truly effective meeting, including establishing an agenda, engaging all employees, runn... Read more

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Kurt Schrader on collaborating in a remote world

Kurt Schrader, CEO and co-founder of Clubhouse Software, has been working to make product collaboration easier for teams and organizations. Read more

Future of work with Kurt Schrader of Clubhouse

How our design team built Qatalog's brand system

At Qatalog, we have a design-forward culture, with a team obsessed with the design and science of work. Read more

Qatalog brand system

Jim Kalbach on the future of team collaboration

If you had to introduce yourself in one sentence, what would you say? I’m MURAL’s Chief Evangelist, committed to spreading our mission of new ways of... Read more

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Got knowledge?

There's a pile of stuff your organisation needs to know to function healthily and efficiently, where does it come from, where does it go and how does... Read more


How to become a fully remote, high-performance team

As of early 2020, remote working is no longer a privilege, but a necessity. With only 31% of UK businesses having the right technology and tools to st... Read more


Lost in the jungle of workspace apps?

In today's workspace, there are so many productivity and collaboration tools that teams can feel lost, but there is something that is actually missing... Read more


How do you align your distributed team around the right goals?

Why teams are still trying to break organizational silos. Welcome to the new normal—distributed teams separated by thousands of miles and several time... Read more


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