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Discover how self-service insights are transforming commercial teams' performance, breaking free from traditional bottlenecks and empowering reps with instant, data-driven answers through AI-powered platforms like Qatalog.
In a competitive business landscape, leveraging data-driven insights is essential for success. Organizations must foster an insights-driven culture, breaking down barriers to access and empowering employees with self-serve analytics to gain a competitive edge.
The "insights bottleneck" – a phenomenon where valuable insights remain inaccessible due to siloed systems, overwhelmed analytics teams, and a lack of self-serve options. We highlight the hidden costs of this bottleneck, such as financial losses, missed opportunities, and suboptimal decision-making.
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Shaping the future of operations: Insights from our collaborative GenAI event

We recently had the pleasure of co-hosting an enlightening event with Operations Nation, centered around the innovative world of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) and its application in the field of Business Operations. We gathered operations leaders keen to demystify GenAI, share insights, and discuss its real-world applications and challenges. 

From exploring data security measures to enhancing customer service to navigating change management, our event was a deep dive into how GenAI is shaping the future of operations. Read on for a recap of discussions, key takeaways, and to share in the excitement that defined this engaging meeting of minds.

GenAI in Operations: Excitement, application, and caution

As part of our introduction round, guests expressed their excitement about AI, focusing on the potential to enhance efficiency and provide insights. While some highlighted AI's capability to streamline operations and improve resource management, a non-technical participant was keen to understand the wider and practical applications. Naturally, concerns were raised about identifying AI limitations and risks. Overall, the conversation revealed a strong interest in leveraging AI for better efficiency and actionable insights, along with a cautious approach toward challenges it may also bring.

Qatalog – a seamless GenAI experience of one search bar for your insights

Tariq Rauf (founder and CEO of Qatalog), shared his vision for GenAI and its huge potential for businesses. A selection of slides taken from his presentation: 

5-step process for leveraging GenAI for operations


A visual representation of a typical customer support workflow


A visual representation of the same customer support workflow, leveraging GenAI


Enthusiasm among attendees was palpable as we delved into the essential principles and current opportunities surrounding GenAI. Tariq’s Qatalog introduction and demo fostered an engaging environment where participants learned about the foundational concepts, and also had the opportunity to be brought into conversation, posing questions to Tariq, the wider Qatalog team, and fellow attendees. 

Creative and interactive dialogue enabled attendees to translate insights and applications of GenAI into actionable strategies for their own businesses and operational frameworks. 

GenAI, sure… but where do we start?

Attendees shared insights on the importance of balancing high frequency with high value tasks. Debate between high value and high frequency tasks highlighted the need for careful evaluation to ensure that efforts are both impactful and economically viable.

We discussed the challenges of getting started with GenAI, questioning what ‘getting started’ means in tangible terms – the pros and cons of building in-house or buying existing solutions and navigating software procurement challenges.

Another critical topic, resource allocation, with one participant noting the difficulty of gaining support for AI R&D where development teams are prioritized on revenue-generating projects. The need for ‘data discoverability’ surfaced – the need for an organization to identify, catalog, and classify business-critical and sensitive data, to drive efficiencies.

Furthermore, the discussion touched on the transformative potential of GenAI, moving beyond incremental improvements to radically changing business operations. Attendees envisioned AI applications that could resolve document conflicts, eliminate redundant files, and automate content creation in innovative ways, such as AI generated banners or promotions. 

Additionally, the use of GenAI for enhancing internal communication, such as automating responses to queries in collaborative platforms, was highlighted as an effective use case. This approach significantly reduces the time spent identifying the right person to contact for specific issues and minimizes interruptions.

Lastly, concerns about the risks associated with technology procurement and the reliance on external suppliers or peers were voiced, signaling the need for a cautious approach to integrating GenAI into business ecosystems.

Navigating GenAI integration: Security, cost, and data management challenges

In discussion, key challenges were highlighted, including data management, security, and cost implications. The conversation touched on specific concerns, such as the handling of customer contracts, the security of internal and external data, and the efficiency of tools like CMS - Gainsight, which was discontinued due to inaccuracies. The importance of preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information was underscored, alongside the need to balance the potential value of unlocking sensitive folders against security risks. This dialogue reflects the complex dilemma businesses face with GenAI: maximizing benefits while ensuring data security and privacy; which is why Qatalog has opted for a non-indexing approach that doesn't copy or store any sensitive data.

Optimizing AI for business: Strategies for high-impact use cases

In a discussion focused on the integration of AI into business processes, key insights emerged about prioritizing low-risk, low-cost, yet high-value use cases, such as those in customer service and revenue operations (RevOps). The importance of change management and information dissemination for new system rollouts was highlighted, alongside a strong preference for self-service options and efficient documentation practices. The potential of converting sales call recordings into actionable insights was discussed, with the aim of enhancing customer understanding and RevOps efficiency. Challenges mentioned include the need for content moderation, the effectiveness of chatbot responses, and the struggle with customer self-service readiness. Additionally, the difficulty of maintaining updated documentation and consolidating information from different teams was acknowledged, emphasizing the goal of achieving a unified customer view across various integrations.


The excitement for GenAI among operations leaders is just the tip of the iceberg, revealing a deeper drive for collaboration and knowledge exchange within the professional community. This enthusiasm for engagement showcases a united goal to unravel the complexities of GenAI and delve into its tangible benefits for business operations. Our discussions illuminated a strong focus on tackling concrete challenges like data security, change management, and customer service improvement through GenAI. 

We at Qatalog, were thrilled to co-host this event with Operations Nation, further amplifying our collective dedication to exploring innovative solutions and fostering a culture of continuous learning among operations professionals.

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Margaux Pelen is a trailblazer at the intersection of technology, education, and strategic innovation, currently spearheading Strategy, Research, and Ops at Qatalog. She wears multiple hats yet her favourite is to be the voice of the customer. When she's not busy connecting the dots, she loves spending outside in nature, ideally ski touring in the Alps
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