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The difference between busy and productive people

Learning how to work smarter, not harder, to be more productive and less busy. Read more

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How to build a powerful product team structure

A great product team… Is cross-functional. Listens and innovates for the customer. Empowers other teams to leave feedback. Read more

How to create role clarity within your hybrid team

Role clarity keeps workers clear on their goals and paves the way for workplace happiness and productivity. Here are three ways to improve it. Read more

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OKRs: It's not about getting everyone on the same page

OKRs work best when all team members understand why they're important and how they're contributing. Read more

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Are productivity apps killing productivity?

In order to be a people-first hybrid or remote company, your organization and employees have to improve their async literacy. Read more

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Starting off strong with a 30-60-90 day plan

Building your 90-day plan can help demonstrate your organizational skills and commitment to your new role. Read more

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Workload management: The snowball and the meteor

Why do a select few teams appear to have mastered workload management? Here’s what they’re doing that the rest of us can prioritize. Read more

What is digital dexterity and why does it matter?

Digital dexterity has been and will continue to be the measurement that distinguishes successful businesses from those that fail. Read more

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How sound could drive better (and fewer) meetings

Meeting productivity is a $400 billion-dollar problem. How can we analyze meetings to prove or disprove their efficiency? In this article we talk abou... Read more

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When workflows raise your work standards

Processes are more than boring protocols and bureaucracy—they’re probably the strongest driver of a company's productivity, as they show how things ar... Read more

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Are you using a hammer to wash the dishes?

Like the trusty hammer, a spreadsheet can do a great many things. But while you could cut your birthday cake with that hammer, you probably shouldn’t. Read more

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Drinking from the firehose of company updates

You’ll drown drinking from the firehose of info at your organization. Qatalog throws you a life preserver by surfacing the right updates at the right... Read more

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Use a workflow if you don’t want to crash a bomber

Why process workflows are important, what makes an effective workflow, and the power of a template in our productivity blog series. Read more


Got knowledge?

There's a pile of stuff your organisation needs to know to function healthily and efficiently, where does it come from, where does it go and how does... Read more


Lost in the jungle of workspace apps?

In today's workspace, there are so many productivity and collaboration tools that teams can feel lost, but there is something that is actually missing... Read more


How do you keep track of project links and information?

Hundreds are now on the market, with workplaces, teams, and employees often working across various platforms to manage and share files, to track proje... Read more


How do you search for files at work?

Why searching for files cost organizations time, energy, and money. It’s a common scenario for the remote worker. You open your laptop and want to fin... Read more


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