Still updating old process docs?

Make company-wide processes transparent and readily available for all.

Marta needs to onboard a new hire, Jess

Templates to get started in minutes
It's the first time she onboards a new hire, so she starts with a template, realizing she's just saved hours of research.
Easily create and assign workflows
After tailoring the template, she assigns the workflow to Jess, who gets an email and Slack DM to complete the flow.
Move through workflows step by step
Jess goes through all the steps, uploading docs and filling in forms, while Marta can track her progress in a few clicks.

Easily document, assign, and track progress of processes. In one place.


ˈwərk-ˌflō / noun

A list of steps — often written on a piece of paper or talked through orally — that includes a start, an end, and lots of confusion in between

A lightweight process that feel less like work and more like a predictable glide path toward successful completion of a task