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Are these challenges familiar?


of workers report that finding the information to do their job is time-consuming

A central knowledge base is key to efficiency

of workers are not certain all departments use the same work tools

Information is scattered across a sea of digital tools


of the workday is wasted looking for information

Tools designed to improve connectivity end up blocking it

A framework for a modern intranet

A framework for a modern intranet


Qatalog not only connects employees to company knowledge but builds the foundations of communication from the ground up. By providing a framework and clearly defined structure to documentation, information can be explored in an intuitive way, and there is never a need to question where to look for it.


A Work Hub provides a 360-degree view of work being done across the company. Projects, Goals, Workflows, and other necessary tools are interconnected, structured, and accessible with a single login.


Focus on outputs with less "work about work", in a user-focused hub that combines advanced workplace search, connected integrations, and collaboration features. A Work Hub not only fulfills your intranet needs but connects all the other elements of modern work –– Teams to Goals, People to Projects, and even progress updates to personalized feeds.

An integrated Work Hub

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Ultimate transparency

Centralize company wiki pages, resources, and updates in one place. Create Team profiles to share key resources and Pages such as the team charter, yearly roadmaps, and quarterly plans so everyone has visibility on what their work is driving towards. 

Ultimate transparency


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