Can't find that doc?

Search across all your tools and drives. Find the docs you need in seconds.

Alicia needs to find a file — something about ‘Toronto’.

Search everywhere
In seconds, she’s searched across Google Drive, Confluence, Jira, Slack, Figma, Dropbox, and Github. The more tools she connects, the more search can find.
Search smartly
Alicia sees six results. She sorts for relevance, and a Slack message from four months ago rises to the top. Bingo.
Private by default
Alicia only sees messages, files, and resources she has access to.

Qatalog’s workplace search lets you find the right doc instantly. No more endless journeys scanning tools, threads, and meeting notes.


ˈsərch / verb

To laboriously inspect all places of concealment for an artifact, give up, and then interrupt someone else’s day for help

To find relevant information, instantly—whether it's a message, file, or line of code

Qatalog isn't just unified search.
It's one hub for all your work.

Secure and private

GDPR & CCPA compliant

You're not alone

The pains of work are real

I recently had to jump on 10+ different calls across eight different countries to find the right owner and escalation process.

Francesca Ceseracciu
Head of Hotels EMEA

We spend about 45 minutes every day invested in processes for updates and keeping everybody in sync.

Fabrizio Caracausi

We deliver on such an expansive innovation agenda with so many projects going on at any time, it can be hard to maintain momentum.

Patrick Osborne
Vice President