Increased visibility with one search bar for work

Find what you need across your connected tools

Find what you need across your connected tools

Connect your current tools to find files, tickets, Tasks, and lines of code across tools like Google Drive, Asana, Confluence, and Github.
  • Search across connected tools

Search securely

Manage who can see what by setting confidential work to private. And securely search across your connected tools — we never see or retain your files, and permissions are managed by each tool.
  • Permission controls

Increase the visibility of your teams’ work

Add #Tags across your work so they’re easily searchable and visible to other parts of your org.
  • Search in context

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Join thousands of teams making work visible

Operations Executives

Ops Executives use Search to find work happening across different teams, projects, and connected apps. This saves time searching in multiple places for important documents and resources. And makes processes visible to other teams.


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