Want to see how a project’s doing, but not sure where to look?

See project links, team activity, and status updates across tools. All in one place.

Kyler is overseeing a few big projects.

Break through project silos
Kyler’s subscribed to each project in Qatalog, so he knows he won’t miss anything important. He can click on any one to see the latest activity.
Make projects visible to all
When important milestones are reached, he writes an update for them. They’re automatically routed to relevant Slack channels and inboxes.
Keep up with everyone
One of Kyler’s first steps was to make sure the right people and teams were tagged to the right projects. That way everyone stays looped in. Guaranteed.

Create a new perspective for work by connecting project info from all your tools.


ˈprä-ˌjekt / noun

An effort that either drags on or suffers from the many social complexities of teamwork

A portion of work attached to clear goals, resources, collaborators, and measurements for success, and that any one person is empowered to work on at any time.