Transparent project work for better coordination

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Drive goal-oriented projects

Drive goal-oriented projects

Add goals to your projects so that you and your team are driving towards the same outcome and hit targets effectively.
  • Linked Goals

Increase the visibility of project work

Link Projects to Teams and add collaborators so that everyone has clarity into the who and what of project work.
  • Cross-functional project teams

Organize project elements

Use Timelines to divide projects into phases, set Task Lists, assign them to your team, and keep track of what’s been actioned.
  • Gantt chart for project phases
  • Assignable and trackable Tasks

Monitor what’s on track or at risk

Record progress by updating a project's status to “on track”, “at risk”, “completed”, and add commentary to keep everyone informed.
  • Status tracker
  • Progress updates

Make clear decisions and record outcomes

Use Threads to stay on top of decision-making and gather feedback, so you can make clear decisions on your projects.
  • Threads for decision making

Share updates that are always in context

Use Posts for project updates, meeting notes, or weekly status reports, and review Recent Activity to get an instant status update.
  • Posts for important updates
  • Recent Activity for real-time updates

Easily store and find key resources

Keep track of important project files, links, and folders across your connected tools, by adding them as a Resource.
  • Linked Key Resources

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Join thousands of teams centralizing and speeding up project work

Management Consultants

Consultants use Projects to break down complex initiatives into actionable chunks with project phases, Tasks, and continuously documented project updates. And it powers collaboration across departments with cross-functional project teams.

Account Managers

Projects provide a turnkey solution for client projects, with a structured and consistent way to manage clients across teams. It also reduces redundancies by making project updates visible across the org.


How do Qatalog Projects help my team?

Projects allow you to organize, coordinate and track work in a central, visible place. Individuals or project collaborators can provide context to their Projects through attached Goals, Tasks, Key Resources, and Timelines.

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