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    Your Data and Insights team possesses the crucial knowledge your business needs. The challenge lies in effectively sharing this knowledge with the rest of the organization.

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    Get the answers with Qatalog — the insights engine that empowers employees to find what they need, when they need it.

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    Qatalog gives you instant TL;DRs

    Say goodbye to sifting through documents, switching between programs, or submitting internal insights requests. Qatalog seamlessly integrates with your organization’s applications and third-party research platforms so employees can find the answers they need.

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    Forget prompt engineering — just ask questions naturally

    Qatalog leverages multiple LLMs to give you accurate and relevant answers instantly. It is permissions-aware and includes the source material for verification.

    Your information remains safe at all times

    Our unique actionquery technology accesses your applications via APIs without copying, indexing, or storing your data, ensuring your information remains secure – even from us.

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    Empower your teams to find the answers they need independently, freeing your Insights team to focus on more strategic requests.

    Reduce ticket volume
    Enable stakeholders to instantly access insights without creating tickets or disrupting other teams’ productivity.
    Speed up time to insight
    Eliminate the back-and-forth of request refinement. Easy access to insights improves your time to resolution.
    Increase impact
    With fewer requests, your Data team can focus on strategic priorities, maximizing their impact.
    How do you validate if the data/answer is correct?
    What happens if there is conflicting data?
    Can Qatalog generate concise and accurate summaries of lengthy documents or articles?
    Can administrators manage access levels for different users? How do we make sure employees don't access sensitive information?
    Can I choose what sources employees are able to search through?
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    easy deployment
    Seamless onboarding • Enterprise grade security • Concierge support
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