Glossary of work

Glossary of work Glossary of work

We’re redefining the tenets of the working world to build systematic change and allow us to connect as people — not just employees. What’s required to achieve this is a universal language for work.

work ˈwərk
To fulfill duties and obtain a superior’s approval

To apply thinking and precious time toward a worthy output

Example sentence: I work to make an impact.

worknoun ˈwərk
A physical space occupied by employees from 9 to 5.

A physical or digital space where people work together to create meaningful outcomes.

Example sentence: “Work used to be chaotic, now it’s balanced and rewarding.”

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peo·plenoun ˈpē-pəl
teamnoun ˈtēm
pro·jectnoun ˈprä-ˌjekt
searchverb ˈsərch
work·flownoun ˈwərk-ˌflō
goalnoun ˈgōl
postnoun pōst
work hubnoun werk hʌb
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