Focused goals drive efficient teams

Set, track, and align on individual and team goals

Set, track, and align on individual and team goals

Set goals that cascade across every level of your organization. And, drive additional visibility by adding collaborators, teams, or related projects.
  • Organization, team, or individual Goals
  • Linked to Projects and Teams

Consolidate goal creation

Use Bulk Create to upload multiple Goals in one go with an easy-to-use OKR framework.
  • Bulk creation
  • OKR framework
  • Permission control

Monitor what’s on track or at risk

Record progress by updating a goal’s status to “on track”, “on hold”, “completed”, and add a short summary. Or, for goals, you don’t own, request an update.
  • Status tracker
  • Progress updates

Visualize progress

Use the visualization graph to track how a goal is trending over time and customize the timeframe to view progress daily, weekly, etc.
  • Goal performance graph
  • Check-in reminders

Make clear decisions and record outcomes

Use Threads to stay on top of decision-making and gather context, so you can determine priorities.
  • Threads for decision making

Get real-time updates

Review the Activity Feed to get a snapshot of important updates on a goal.
  • Activity feed for recent updates

Easily store and find key resources

Keep track of important goal files, links, and folders across your connected tools, by adding them as a Resource.
  • Linked key resources

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Join thousands of teams making goal tracking visible

Business Operations

Business Ops leaders use Qatalog Goals to set company-wide OKRs to ensure teams are all driving towards the same outcome. Goals make it easy to track progress and increases accountability by making outcomes visible to all.

Team Leads

Goals provide Team Leads with a ready-to-use structure that makes it easy for their teams to adopt, track, and share. Goals are linked to other parts of work, like Projects, so they always remain in context. This way your team won’t miss key initiatives happening across the org.


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