One language for work, across the company

Qatalog glues your company tools, goals, and processes together to keep all your teams aligned. Without meetings or constant pings.

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Every team has its tools, but they all use Qatalog

Qatalog integrates with tools used by all your teams to enable visibility across the company

The pains of work are real

We spoke to hundreds of companies. Here's how we can help.

Fewer meetings

Qatalog distributes company updates effectively, so everyone stays in the know with less meetings.

Transparent goals

Qatalog makes goal-tracking transparent, so you spend less time chasing people for updates.

Consistent processes

Qatalog streamlines team processes, making them available across tools and teams.

The work hub that brings your company together

Give all your teams a common place to engage

SOC2 certified
GDPR & CCPA compliant
SSL certified

Reconnect your organization

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How long do I need to set up a Qatalog work hub?

It’s just four steps to get started. Set up your account and profile, share it with your coworkers, and connect your tools in one click.

I want to consolidate our tools, not add more. How does Qatalog help?

Qatalog consolidates information from across all your tools. And makes it accessible to everyone through search, profiles, and projects. It's the connective tissue that makes all your tools work together.

How do I roll out Qatalog from my team to the whole company?

It’s as simple as sending folks a secure link. Then, they’re just a few clicks away.

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