Team feeling scattered?

Find out who’s working on what, reporting lines, and even people’s hobbies. In seconds.

It’s Pam’s first day of work.

She’d love to get the big picture.

Connect with your team
Pam clicks on people & teams. Right away, she sees the projects her colleagues are working on, along with other relevant info.
Stay in the know
A quick glance at each team, and she knows their goals. And she can easily access the resources they use — even their workflows.
Track projects across tools
On the projects page, Pam can instantly visit boards from Asana or Jira, and see the latest activity and project updates.

Get the right info on every person, team, and project in your organization.


ˈpē-pəl / noun

Units of production in a hierarchical organization that operate according to the rhythms of the industrial revolution

Human beings with homes (physical and digital), families, talents, insecurities, and passions