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Centralize company-wide information

Centralize company-wide information

Use the customizable Company page to create and add wiki pages like your vacation policy or onboarding guides, post company-wide updates, and add important resources or processes.
  • Customizable company page
  • Wiki pages and important resources
  • Company-wide updates with Posts

See important updates across your org

Review the Recent Activity feed to get a snapshot of noteworthy updates across your Org. Or, for updates personalized to you, use the Smart Feed on your Homepage.
  • Org updates with an Activity Feed
  • Personalized Smart Feed

Connect people and teams with a Directory

Create and view detailed People and Team profiles linked to Projects, Goals, critical conversations, updates, and more.
  • Customizable People and Team profiles
  • Posts for important updates
  • Recognition with Kudos

Visualize organizational reporting lines with Org Charts

See how everyone’s work fits together with the Org Chart view in your Qatalog Directory. And keep reporting lines up-to-date by syncing the Org Chart with your company’s HR tool.
  • Synced to company HR tool
  • Custom teams and squads

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Join thousands of teams centralizing org-wide information

Operations Managers

Ops Managers use the Company section to store important documentation, processes, and company updates. This makes work visible and easily accessible for all teams.

Knowledge Managers

The Directory and Org Chart provides a complete and transparent onboarding experience for new joiners, showing interconnectivity between teams, priority initiatives, and key goals. And the Company section acts as a central resource for training, employee handbooks, and company values.


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