Eliminate your work chaos

No more constant pings, no more trivial meetings, no more scouring for the latest doc. Qatalog organizes the ingredients of collaboration—all your people, projects, and tools—in an integrated work hub.

Everything is linked together, so your teams can find whatever they need, and get aligned, without being in the same place. You're just a few clicks away.

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Search across all your tools

Find any message, update, or whatever else, across all your tools. No more wild goose chases.


Place the whole org in your hand

See who owns what, their team's goals, and even workflows. No more “What do they do again?”


Break through silos

See where everything stands with every project. No more meetings just for status updates.


Give goals the visibility they deserve

Set a North Star that’s in everyone’s view. No more “Why are we doing this?”


Cut through the noise

Share posts with the right people in the right channels. No more getting lost in threads.


Work less. Accomplish more.

Clarify how to get stuff done. No more “Is there a process for this?”
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You're not alone

The pains of work are real

I recently had to jump on 10+ different calls across eight different countries to find the right owner and escalation process.

Francesca Ceseracciu
Head of Hotels EMEA

We spend about 45 minutes every day invested in processes for updates and keeping everybody in sync.

Fabrizio Caracausi

We deliver on such an expansive innovation agenda with so many projects going on at any time, it can be hard to maintain momentum.

Patrick Osborne
Vice President