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Belonging and engagement from day one
<span>Employee Experience</span><br />
In One Work Hub

Are these challenges familiar?


of workers who quit didn’t feel valued by their managers

Organizations struggle to create a culture of appreciation


of people report missing opportunities to collaborate

Chaotic work environments make it hard to work together


of workers who quit didn’t feel a sense of belonging

Friday virtual happy hour isn’t enough

A framework for employee experience

A framework for employee experience


Employees need to feel connected to their work, their colleagues, and their company. Qatalog is a people-first Work Hub that connects the dots, so everyone can access shared knowledge, contribute and feel like they belong. 


A Work Hub creates a seamless digital onboarding experience. Semi-automated onboarding workflows combined with instant context on who is who, what they are working on, and the goals they are driving towards gets people up to speed in record time.


Asynchronous communication brings trust and flexibility into your workplace. Less time in meetings, less time managing goals in spreadsheets, and less time communicating internal updates, frees up time for the things that matter. Because an efficient team is a happy team. 

An integrated Work Hub

Company Section

Reduce onboarding from two weeks to one day

Provide a connected, transparent onboarding experience. Set new joiners up with all the important information, equipment, and tools they need, by merging multiple processes into one primary flow. Progress along the Workflow can be tracked by managers, allowing support from day one.

Reduce onboarding from two weeks to one day


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Why is it important to have a positive workplace culture?
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How do you create a positive work culture?
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Why is employee engagement important?
What are the key drivers of employee engagement?
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