A Digital Workplace
In One Work Hub

A coordination layer that brings it all together
A <span>Digital Workplace</span><br />
In One Work Hub

Are these challenges familiar?


minutes per day wasted looking for information

Work is scattered across too many tools

of employees report missing opportunities to collaborate

Discussions are siloed within teams


of workers believe it's difficult to figure out what others are working

There is a transparency gap between teams

A framework for your digital workspace

 A framework for your digital workspace


Qatalog breaks down the elements of modern work and reassembles them from the ground up. A Work Hub isn’t another tool, it’s a searchable framework that organizes and makes sense of otherwise scattered information in a clearly defined and secure structure. 


A Work Hub provides total transparency and discoverability of work being done, regardless of the tools they live in. More information and more context translate to better quality decisions.


Say goodbye to unnecessary features that add chaos to your workday, so you can spend more time on the things that matter. Customize your team's workspace according to their needs, whether it's transparent project work, visible goal alignment, or streamlined processes.

An integrated Work Hub

Company Section

A central knowledge base

Centralize company wikis and resources, such as new joiner workflows or travel and expense policies, in one place. Qatalog provides an accessible place for company knowledge, important updates, and detailed People and Team profiles.

A central knowledge base


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