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How to write a status update?

We like to break our status updates down into three categories — team performance, people, and projects. 

What should a status report include?

The team weekly is a great example of a recurring update sent at the beginning or end of the week that provides insight on your team activities, progress, and performance.

Team performance

  • Goals, outcomes or objectives that team made progress on this week/ this sprint.
  • KPIs that show the progress made.
  • How is the team's progress impacting the wider organization?


  • New hire announcements
  • Promotions


  • Which projects have been completed or are still in progress?
  • Which projects are due to start and be completed next week?
  • What cross-functional projects are in progress or due, and need attention or unblocking?
  • Shoutouts — who deserves recognition this month.
  • Feedback
  • Asks

Download our template to start crafting your weekly update.

How to increase visibility and streamline internal comms in your company?

Qatalog's work hub improves internal comms by letting you search across your existing tools and drives, share updates with the right people and easily see who's working on what.

No more constant pings, no more trivial meetings, no more scouring for the latest doc.

Share updates and reach the right people at the right time with Qatalog. 

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