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Announcing a new team member should be fun for everyone involved. Here’s a few things you should remember to include. 

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How do you announce a new team member?

Incoming — new team member alert! First impressions are exciting, so let’s make sure you announce your new hire in a way that puts their best foot forward.

What should be included in a new employee announcement?

The best new employee announcements share details about the new hire, like where they’re located, what their hobbies after work are, or two truths and a lie (which is what we do at Qatalog).
Tip: It’s hard to be the only one opening up to the team. The team’s information and fun facts should be available for the new hire to see while crafting their own fun facts or two truths and a lie. This way, they can get to know a little bit more about the team they are being introduced to. 

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Email? Slack? Intranet? Internal comms software? What’s the best way to announce new team members?

Wherever your company’s updates & announcements happen: this should be where you prioritize your new hire announcement. Including new hire intros in company or team meetings is also important to putting a face to a name. 
There’s no wrong answer to the best way to announce your new team members — just make sure your update reaches everyone. 

How to increase visibility and streamline internal comms in your company?

Transparency is the number one factor in determining work happiness. Streamlining visibility and utilizing a central work hub to improve communication will ensure nothing gets missed or lost in the noise.

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