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What is a creative brief in copywriting?

Sometimes called a copy brief, a creative brief is a document outlining the details of copy assets to be created. The goal of the brief is to give clarity to – and set clear expectations for – a writer to enable them to do their best work, reduce the number of revisions, and equip them with any knowledge and resources they might need while writing. Great creative briefs result in more streamlined project management and clear communication between the writer and the initiative’s leader.

Who is this copywriting brief template for and how do you use it?

This template is for anyone in an organization who needs copy assets to be created, including short-form copy (like ads headlines, product UX elements, or CTA copy) and long-form content (such as blogs, data reports, and press releases).

To use this template, simply click here to access it in Google Docs, then click “File” > “Make a copy” each time you need to create a brief for a copy asset with an in-house or external writer. The template includes step-by-step section prompts common in marketing brief templates, but you should add, delete, or adjust any sections as you see fit for your writing assignments.

What should a copy brief include?

A content brief template will likely include different sections at each unique organization.

However, a detailed creative copywriting brief should always have the following elements:

  • A scope of work overview for writers to understand the general requirements and layout of the project.
  • A thorough outline to specify the project’s goals, audience, structure, and message.
  • References of 3-5 similar works from other sources to match the design.​​
  • Helpful and relevant resources, such as tone of voice guidelines, company information, and sales enablement documentation.
  • A detailed checklist for all copy deliverables and deadlines.

What makes a good copy brief?

A good copy brief is defined by its details. Writers should be able to look over the assignment brief and understand exactly what is expected of them. The brief should also provide writers with any resources, tools, or knowledge that they need from you to do the job. The more detailed the brief is, the less ambiguous the work will be, and the more straightforward the project will be for the writer.

What is a 'deliverable' for a copywriter?

In general, a project deliverable is a clear understanding of what an individual or team is expected to produce. In copywriting, the deliverable is typically a written work that adheres to required word count, content format (PDF, Word document, etc.), and subject matter relevance. Some copywriters’ deliverables may also include imagery, links, or design needs – all of which should be specified in the creative brief.

How to standardize the briefing process in your organization?

Have you tried structuring your briefing process as an automated check-list or a workflow? By bringing your briefing process into Qatalog workflows, your documentation and structure are transparent and accessible to the entire org. This way, other teams can rely on your tried and tested steps when it’s time for them to design their own briefing processes, while being able to edit and customize for specific tasks.

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