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Understanding the ins and outs of company goals will help align teams to a specific purpose. 

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What are company goals?

Company goals represent the purpose of a company. Your company’s mission statement should describe the why of your brand, and company goals explain the how. Some popular methodologies for company goal setting include the SMART and OKR frameworks. 

What are short-term business goals?

Short-term is obviously a relative term, but generally we refer to goals under 1 year, as short-term. The important thing to remember about short-term goals is that they have a reasonable, specific deadline. 

Annual/yearly business goals examples

  • Grow local market share from XX% to XX%
  • Grow unaided brand awareness in the local market by XX%
  • Enter the APAC region by launching the product in HK & SG
  • Improve employee satisfaction score by X% 

Quarterly business goals examples

  • Launch product Y
  • Localize product X to XX market
  • Drive revenue growth by XX%
  • Optimize internal tooling & cut down costs

Monthly business goals examples

  • Create sales territory plan for APAC region
  • Create Product Y launch plan
  • Hire a video production agency
  • Finalize TV media plan for the TV advertising campaign
What are mid-term goals?

Mid-term goals describe goals that stretch longer than 1 year, but shorter than 5 years. Some examples:

  • Grow APAC market share to XX%
  • Reach XX mil users globally
  • Improve gender diversity by increasing women hired in technical roles from XX% to XX% by YYYY
  • Aim for 20% of the workforce to be from underrepresented minorities by YYYY
What are long-term organizational goals?

A long-term business goal can span years. Long-term organizational goals are extremely important for your success, because they help get everyone on board. Some examples:

  • Become market leader in XX with at least 50% market share by YYYY
  • Increase diversity in the global leadership team by YYYY
  • Become carbon neutral by YYYY
How company milestones are different from company goals?

Milestones are proof that you’re working to reach your destination. Especially with long-term organizational goals, breaking years-long commitments into achievable milestones to celebrate will make the journey much easier. 

How to connect goals to your day-to-day work?

Build momentum on your company’s overall goals by connecting them to the workflow of your team. Qatalog goals allows you to track and measure goal progress while increasing visibility to your entire org. 

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