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Understanding the ins and outs of company goals will help align teams to a specific purpose. 

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What are company goals?
What are short-term business goals?

Short-term is obviously a relative term, but generally we refer to goals under 1 year, as short-term. The important thing to remember about short-term goals is that they have a reasonable, specific deadline. 

Annual/yearly business goals examples

  • Grow local market share from XX% to XX%
  • Grow unaided brand awareness in the local market by XX%
  • Enter the APAC region by launching the product in HK & SG
  • Improve employee satisfaction score by X% 

Quarterly business goals examples

  • Launch product Y
  • Localize product X to XX market
  • Drive revenue growth by XX%
  • Optimize internal tooling & cut down costs

Monthly business goals examples

  • Create sales territory plan for APAC region
  • Create Product Y launch plan
  • Hire a video production agency
  • Finalize TV media plan for the TV advertising campaign
What are mid-term goals?
What are long-term organizational goals?
How company milestones are different from company goals?
How to connect goals to your day-to-day work?

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