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Why send the weekly CEO update?

We speak a lot about solving chaos here at Qatalog, because the workplace is full of it. A great CEO can’t destroy chaos — that would go beyond the laws of physics. A great CEO counterbalances chaos with communication and connectivity.

A weekly CEO update provides clarity around goals, process changes, company news, and everything in between. These updates should be accessible and conveyed to the entire company, which is why sending an async update outside of an all-hands meeting is a great way to cover all the bases. 

When should the update be sent?

Here’s the great thing about an organization that prioritizes async communication — it doesn’t matter when a CEO sends company updates. As long as they are accessible and recipients are notified, say via a collective dashboard, these updates will be read as long as they provide the clarity that established your ‘why’ for sending in the first place. 

What should the weekly CEO update include? And a downloadable template.

Consider including the following points:

  • What’s top of mind
  • How the company is doing
  • What we’re working toward
  • Words of encouragement

→ Download full version of the template in Google Doc format

How to increase visibility and streamline internal comms in your company?

Qatalog's work hub improves internal comms by letting you search across your existing tools and drives, share updates with the right people and easily see who's working on what. No more constant pings, no more trivial meetings, no more scouring for the latest doc.

Share updates and reach the right people at the right time with Qatalog. 

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