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    Your HR team spends countless hours documenting policies and operating procedures — only to be asked the same questions again and again.

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    Get the answers with Qatalog — the platform that empowers employees to find what they need, when they need it.

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    Give instant access to policies, benefits, and SOPs

    Say goodbye to sifting through knowledge bases, jumping on quick calls, or pinging HR for information. Qatalog seamlessly integrates with your organization’s applications so employees can find the answers they need. Simply ask questions naturally and receive smart, AI-powered answers.

    Speed up onboarding

    Make the first days less overwhelming. New hires can effortlessly find policies, benefits, documentation, or connect with people through a fast centralized search.

    Instantly know who’s who

    By connecting your HR directory, you can easily search for and identify subject matter experts, project owners, and more.

    Simplify access to People & HR information

    We don’t copy your data
    Qatalog doesn’t need to index any of your company or employee information. We use APIs to access your applications, keeping your data secure — even from us.
    Up-to-date information
    Powered by real-time systems, Qatalog ensures users have the most current data to make informed decisions.
    Instant integration
    Qatalog can be deployed in minutes. Your team can log in, connect their apps, and start receiving answers right away.
    How do you validate if the data/answer is correct?
    What happens if there is conflicting data?
    Can Qatalog generate concise and accurate summaries of lengthy documents or articles?
    Can administrators manage access levels for different users? How do we make sure employees don't access sensitive information?
    Can I choose what sources employees are able to search through?
    Rapid setup,
    easy deployment
    Seamless onboarding • Enterprise grade security • Concierge support
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