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Our manifesto

A new language for work

A great restructuring is rapidly unfolding in our working lives. The ground beneath us is shifting to a new form of collaboration, where we work wherever and whenever we like. In this new world of work, we should have a new way of working that we couldn’t have anticipated, or even imagined, just a few years ago. But it often feels like we’ve gone nowhere.

The humble email competes with instant messaging for our attention alongside ever-more sophisticated software platforms and communications tools. We can have ten conversations at once, but we’re not getting anything done at ten times the speed. We have new video conferencing tools, but the same old meetings. We have a sea of apps to keep on top of our work, but all too often we’re drowning in it. Our tools don’t work in concert with each other, and we don’t really know how to work in concert with them either.

Qatalog addresses those foundational issues head-on, harnessing the latest science behind modern work to design an entirely new class of software. We’re building a work hub from first principles — systematically breaking down the elements of modern work and reassembling them from the ground up.

In pursuit of our mission to connect the world of work and unlock human potential, we’ll remove millions of tiny friction points to make room for craftsmanship and creativity. We’ll make people, projects, and goals more visible, enable trust, bring about a sense of belonging, and help people make the right decisions.

We believe that seismic shifts in work happen just a few times a century. This is one of them. We’re now at a historic demarcation point where everything about work is fundamentally changing. We’ll make sure those changes don’t just happen to us. Instead, we’ll make sure people can use them to mutual advantage.

We have a new world of work. It’s time to create a language for it.


The missing connectivity for your team.