Bring context to Google Drive’s chaos

Easily integrate Google Drive with Qatalog’s work hub, to search across all your files, bring context to projects, and pin shortcuts to your homepage.

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Still struggling with Google Drive? 

Searching for Google Drive files is a struggle. You don’t always find what you want, the results lack context, and there’s no relationship to the rest of your work and tools. 

Qatalog’s work hub brings a familiar structure to the chaos of work.

Qatalog brings a familiar structure of information that's rooted in people, teams, and projects. You can include Google Drive files within these easily-searchable contexts, enabling your team to work more efficiently. 

All your docs, sheets, and slides. 
Finally in the right places.

Bring context to chaos
Bring context to chaos

All your project ingredients in one place

Add key resources from Google Drive to your projects, so the whole team has a single view on what’s important.

Search all your tools
Search all your tools

Find the files you need in seconds

Connect Google Drive and other tools like Asana, so you can search across them or any Qatalog resources directly from your work hub. 


Files at your fingertips
Files at your fingertips

Add to your personal homepage

Pin Google Drive files alongside other tools, goals, and projects on your homepage for easy access.

Streamline routine processes
Streamline routine processes

Operationalize your manual work

Include Google Drive actions in your Workflows, removing the manual work from your team’s processes. 

Bring context to chaos

All your people, teams, and tools.
One work hub. 

Try Qatalog for free. No credit card required. 

How do I integrate Google Drive and Qatalog?

Simply select the Google Drive integration within your Qatalog account, allow Qatalog the relevant permissions, and you're all set. Google Drive will be searchable, and accessible within Qatalog. This allows you to add Google Drive files and folders to projects, search across all of these, and more.

I want to consolidate our tools, not add more. How does Qatalog help?

Qatalog consolidates information across all your tools. And makes it accessible to everyone through search, profiles, and projects. It’s the connective tissue that makes all your tools work together. 

How does Qatalog's pricing work?

We employ a fair billing policy — you only pay for the people that actually use Qatalog. We do not charge you for people who have not used Qatalog during the last billing cycle. If you have paid in advance, we will add pro-rata credit to your account for the inactive users.

When you add new people to your team, we will apply a one-time, pro-rata charge to cover additional people for the remainder of the current billing cycle.

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