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The more you connect, the more you can see.

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Integrations we support

Team chat & meetings
File cloud storage
Project management
Team specific
Don't see a product you use?

Work with a different perspective

When you bring your tools together, you can start your day with a clean look at all your people and projects

Search all your tools

It gets tiring saying "Hope you had a good weekend" just so you can ask where some doc is.
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Single-click meetings and DMs

No more tab-jumping to sync with your colleagues. When you actually need them, they’re one tap away.
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Manage projects across every tool

Engineering is in JIRA, Design is in Asana, Ops is in Trello. No problem, you can now manage every task from one place.
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See who really reads your posts

Publish a post and Qatalog cross-posts it to the related Slack channels and team emails. Then view the read receipts.
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Create workflows across your stack

Have a process step that requires uploading a file to Box? Or creating a task in Jira? Build these actions directly into your workflows.
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Control what others see

No one will see a doc unless you want them to. Managing permissions is a breeze.
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