Consistent employee experience across teams and tools

When your systems are scattered, folks feel fragmented. Qatalog makes sure your processes — and people — are centered.

Person at Qatalog

Different tools for different processes? Unite them here

Qatalog integrates with tools used by all your teams to power real collaboration

Your unique best practices, implemented

Qatalog makes it simple to scale, assign, and track company processes

Employee experiences that stand out

It can be hard to help people when you’re not sure what they’re facing day-to-day. Qatalog gives you that understanding.

Seamless onboarding

New employees shouldn’t feel like they’re pinballing between tools. Qatalog makes sure their onboarding is a breeze.

Processes that get followed

Qatalog simplifies and standardizes your internal processes, so ambiguity isn’t part of the equation.

HR’s best friend

Let your people team handle people stuff, let Qatalog automate and scale the rest

SOC2 certified
GDPR & CCPA compliant
SSL certified

Bring peace and power to your people

Try Qatalog for free. No credit card required.

How long do I need to set up a Qatalog work hub?

It’s just four steps to get started. Set up your account and profile, share it with your coworkers, and connect your tools in one click.

I want to consolidate our tools, not add more. How does Qatalog help?

Qatalog consolidates information from across all your tools. And makes it accessible to everyone through search, profiles and projects. It's the connective tissue that makes all your tools work together.

How much is Qatalog? Do I need to sign a contract?

You don’t need to sign any contract to get the full potential of the Qatalog work hub. It’s free for up to 10 people. Beyond that, it’s $9/person per month.

How do I roll out Qatalog from my team to the whole company?

It’s as simple as sending folks a secure link. Then, they’re just a few clicks away.

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