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Qatalog UI with list of updates
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What’s new on Qatalog: June 2022

We know there’s lots to do when wrapping up a quarter and planning the next one. So, to help you and your team seamlessly manage this, we've got a ton of exciting product updates, like using Tasks to manage what's important by setting estimates and priorities. Or using Workflows to create hands-free team processes like bug reporting.

What’s new?


Structured Tasks: Align on what’s important and set expectations by setting priority levels and estimates for your Tasks. To try it out, book a call with our customer team.

Hands-free Workflows: Build logic into your Workflow steps to execute processes effortlessly, like IT equipment requests. Automatically create a Task, add it to the relevant Team, and assign it to the right Ops executive.

Streamlined notifications: Reply directly to notifications from the Qatalog app in Slack, use it to instantly add your two cents to a discussion for example. 

Default SSO login: Choose how people login into Qatalog by selecting a default login method.

Restrict access: Ensure the right people are added to your Qatalog account with the invite-only setting.

Comments on Pages: Jam on ideas and have discussions directly from your docs. Tip: Make a Q3 planning Project and add a jam session page so other teams and stakeholders have visibility over the decisions your team made. 

Updated Admin Console: Manage licenses, billing, seats, and users directly within Qatalog.

Transferring ownership: Never lose work when someone moves teams or leaves your company. Easily transfer data from one account to another.

What’s coming?


External Project sharing: Invite external collaborators to manage your projects within one hub securely.

Templates: Save time and standardize processes with templates for Pages, Posts, and Workflows, like new hire onboarding or daily standups.

Automated monthly Digests: Reduce the noise with a personalized summary of important work, every month, directly in your Qatalog app.

Custom filtering: Personalize how you view your team’s projects with custom filterings, such as due date or project owner. And save these filters for quick access next time.


Hints and Tips

💡 Tariq: Use /hints in Pages to highlight important parts of your docs.
📄 Marta: Document your how-to guides with Workflows.
🎨 Valeria: Add color to your Homepage by bookmarking an image URL.
🚧 Sumedh: Use draft Pages to coordinate weekly updates.

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