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Data-indexing might be the most common approach, but it has a number of drawbacks for enterprise customers.
Here’s what we’ve launched or updated in Qatalog in the past month.
Here’s what we’ve launched or updated in Qatalog in the past month.
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What's new on Qatalog: April 2022

Creating a single source of truth in your organization is difficult. That’s why this April, we’ve added features that make it easier to do just that — access files across your tools from a centralized Search, set and manage Tasks from one control center, and add Tasks to Team pages to keep your teams focused on the output.

What’s new?


All-in-one Search: Search and filter across your email accounts and file drives such as Outlook, Gmail, Sharepoint, or OneDrive to find what you need with a single search.

Quick Tasks: view, assign, and manage Tasks right from your Homepage in the new ‘your Tasks' section.

Universal Tasks across Qatalog: set to-do lists across all parts of your work –– create Tasks within your Team page or add Tasks that support your goals.

What’s next?


Active Directory sync: avoid manual input by syncing users and admin controls from your HR system to Qatalog via Okta, Azure, and more.

Resource access management: maintain control over who has access when you add a Google resource to Qatalog.

Externally share your work: invite external users to collaborate on your Projects and keep stakeholders informed.

Activity-based Workflow triggers: decide which Workflow gets assigned to a team member based on their role or activity.

Slack replies from Qatalog: decrease tab switching by replying to Threads in Slack from inside Qatalog.

Qatalog Threads from Slack: reduce the duplication of effort by creating Qatalog Threads from a Slack chat.

Share Posts across Qatalog: broadcast Posts across multiple Teams and Projects, to keep everyone updated at once.

Hints and Tips

  1. 💥 Tobias: Give feedback on Posts and Threads with emoji reactions.
  2. 📂 Ekrem: Duplicate Projects under the top menu (dots-three-outline-vertical.png).
  3. 🎯 Eniko: Press the follow (bell.png) button on a Project to get notified of important updates.
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