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Matteo Tittarelli

September 4

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Intro to templates library

Working in teams can be challenging. Processes, knowledge and information get scattered across various tools and teams, making it hard to find things quickly when you need them. Most often though, it's even harder to get started with creating knowledge and processes to share with your teams.

We built this library of templates so you can cut through the chase, and get started sharing, scaling and tracking your work effectively, even when remotely.

You can refer to these templates every time you need inspiration on how to draft a recurring meeting update, or set up a new team or company-wide process. 

Get started by clicking on the templates below, and copy paste the 'Template' section in each of them. You can customize each template as per your company processes and operations.


Share your work effectively and get the right attention with templates for your recurring meeting notes, feedback requests, and more.

  1. Daily Standup
  2. 1:1 Notes
  3. Team Weekly
  4. Marketing Weekly
  5. Issue/Feedback Request


Track and scale your work with templates for your team-specific and company-wide processes.

  1. Usability Testing Plan
  2. Hiring Process
  3. Copy Brief
  4. Digital Design Brief
  5. Holiday Request


This is a living library–we'll be adding more templates every month. If you can't see a specific template here, feel free to send us a tweet.


Matteo Tittarelli

At Qatalog, Matteo looks after Growth Ops and Product Marketing. No day is the same for Matteo — you can find him interviewing customers, writing down product messaging, or setting up various customer acquisition and lifecycle channels. When not at work, Matteo enjoys reading psychology books, practicing meditation, or planning his next year-long trip to Asia.