Template — Issue/feedback request


Intro to issue/feedback request

This is a template to ask for feedback on a specific topic so that relevant parties can understand the issue deeply and transparently, and gather the data to collaboratively contribute and make an informed decision.

You can share the issue/feedback request on your team messaging channel (e.g. Slack, MS Teams, or Qatalog Updates), @tagging only relevant parties (@here to increase visibility if needed).

This template is for anyone in the organization that wants to highlight an issue and get feedback collaboratively.

Get started by copy pasting ‘Template’ section, and by filling in the blanks or reframing the bullet points based on your use case.


Hi @channel, the [team name] team needs your input 


  • In order to do [insert goal], we need to [insert activity/task]
  • Be concise and concrete, keep it on one line


  • To be filled in when the issue is closed
  • Displayed at the top so the wider team gets up to date with the latest course of action

Required information/data

  • Explain required information
  • Link to related, relevant documents
  • When asking for feedback, be clear on what you need and by when
  • Keep a bullet list to make it digestible

Options available

  • Describe up to top three possible courses of actions
  • Link to related, relevant documents if needed
  • Keep a numerical order so it's easy to choose/reference a preferred option

Preferred course of action

  • I would choose [option] because [reason why]

Feedback needed

  • I’d need feedback on [topic] by [due date]
  • Especially feedback needed from: @somebody


This template was inspired by the Alan Team.

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