Template — Holiday request


Intro to holiday request

This template structures a simple process for requesting holidays. Goal is to set clear expectations for everyone in the organization on  how to request holidays remotely in order to provide transparency and preemptively avoid time waste.

You can use this template every time you need to request holidays with your team lead, before you book your holidays (e.g. flight tickets).

This template is for anyone in the organization who needs to request holidays, but it can be used especially by HR managers or team leads to organize and structure their internal processes.

Get started by following the steps. You can customize this process based on your company.


Step 1—Confirm dates with your lead

Speak with your lead to confirm the dates to take off. This helps to plan work around it.

Step 2—Log in holiday request on your HRIS

Log in dates on your HR management software and add a note for your line manager.

Step 3—Add reminders on your productivity tools

  1. Add the holiday dates to your calendar and add relevant stakeholders to remind the wide team
  2. Choose not to send an email notification to everyone
  3. Change your Slack status to off and away
  4. Create an OOO (Out Of Office) autoresponder email

Have a great time and switch off!


This template was iinspired by the Qatalog Team.

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