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What our customers are saying

Our customers are modern workers who are hybrid, in-office, remote, async, and everything in between. They have left legacy ways of working behind and are relying on a Work Hub to bring structure, transparency, and efficiency into their workday. To give you an idea of how teams are using Qatalog, to improve their day-to-day operations, we’ve assembled some of our favorite feedback and reviews from our customers into this post. 

“With other tools, it’s like throwing paint on a canvas and it ends up differently each time, but with Qatalog anybody can throw paint on canvas and it’ll end up the exact same picture, every single time." — Logan, Founder, Marketing Agency

"Qatalog makes a global business feel like we're meeting in the same room...Issues we previously had relating to time zone differences that normally hinder communications have been reduced as all staff now have access to the same information hub." — Calum, Sales Administration.

“With Qatalog, I don't have to spend time looking in my email for things or arranging meetings to align on work, so the time I spend on my computer is cut in half.” — Maija, Project Manager, Media Company.

“Qatalog is a single source of truth for content documentation and a way to create business rules. This makes it easier for organizations, in our case the sales team, to get the information they need so they can spend more time selling and less time searching for information” — Kent, Operations Team Lead, E-commerce Startup.

“The Goals feature has been a complete game changer. I love the fact that you can add comments to give more context, and the graph that shows your progress and whether you are on track. It’s probably the feature we all use because every single one of us on the team has a target that we are working towards. Now the whole team has visibility on it, which has given us a real sense of momentum." — Niani, CEO, Human Resources Services

"Qatalog has become my command center to run my startup from. When you work across lots of software and every team member has a different favourite tool, Qatalog helps to bring all your project details under one space...I love that I can mark my favorite links and documents in the hub homepage and so can each team member to make the space work for them." — Rachel, Director

"The visual design and user experience in Qatalog are fantastic and go a long way toward team adoption. The focus on OKRs helps our team see goals set for projects or the company, their statuses, and help us do more meaningful work." — Joel, CEO 

“Qatalog is a great tool to be able to search and find what I need, including the initiatives I'm working on…Having that search functionality, was very beneficial for me because I was able to find pretty much everything I needed very quickly, which saved me a lot of time.” — Daniel, Product Manager, Media Company

“Everyone has a different way of working, people like some tools because you can have everything in one place, but you still don't get granular details like why decisions have been made, it's more high level. With Qatalog you get that granularity, for example, if someone updates a project everyone gets to know that's happened” — Lee, Product Designer, Design Agency

"The search feature is really handy, allowing us to find information usually scattered across many software (Drive, Slack etc.) and providing easier access and transparency for new joiners. Similarly, having a directory of the organisation will prove useful once we're at a scale where (in a remote world) not everyone can meet everyone." — Esther, Head of Growth

Thousands of teams trust Qatalog to connect and coordinate work across every part of their business. You can read more about how they do so our G2 and Capterra profiles or book a call with our Customer team to find out how you can get started. 

Qatalog is the world’s first Intelligent Work Hub. Our mission is to allow every business to work the way it wants, with bespoke software that centralizes people, processes and knowledge. It’s structured and seamlessly connected, meaning work becomes visible, processes are automated, and collaboration is supercharged. Made-to-measure and built to last, it adapts to the changing needs of the business. Founded in 2019, Qatalog has raised $18.5m in venture funding from backers including Atomico, Mosaic, and Salesforce Ventures.
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