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Sales teams: A week in the life with Qatalog
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Sales teams: A week in the life with Qatalog

Sales teams know the pressure of balancing client meetings, strategy sessions, product demos, and ongoing training. Each day brings a new set of challenges and opportunities that require precision and efficiency. 

Enter Qatalog – the AI-powered platform designed to help Sales teams work smarter, not harder. Qatalog centralizes all your work tools and information, making it easier to streamline your daily tasks, collaborate seamlessly, and achieve your sales targets. Here’s how Qatalog can transform your typical week, making every interaction more efficient and impactful.


9:00 AM: Weekly kickoff 

  • Key task: Review the week ahead in the team meeting.

  • Ask Qatalog: "What action items were agreed in our team meeting last week?"

  • Tools: Google Calendar, Salesforce

11:00 AM: Client call 

  • Key task: Review notes and action items from the previous meeting.

  • Ask Qatalog: “Summarize the notes from the last meeting with client X.”

  • Tools: Microsoft Teams, Slack

3:00 PM: Strategy session with Marketing team 

  • Key task: Gather relevant data and insights from marketing campaigns.

  • Ask Qatalog: “How are our marketing campaigns doing?”

  • Tools: Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, Tableau


9:30 AM: Sales training workshop 

  • Key task: Research customer characteristics.

  • Ask Qatalog: "What are the common characteristics of my top 10% customers by industry?"

  • Tools: Salesforce, Hubspot, Tableau

12:00 PM: Lunch with key client 

  • Key task: Prepare for the lunch meeting.

  • Ask Qatalog: "Summarize client X's main feedback."

  • Tools: Salesforce, Gmail

4:00 PM: Product demo for potential client 

  • Key task: Review product demo script and new features.

  • Ask Qatalog: "What is our latest product demo script? What new features have we released?"

  • Tools: Google Drive, SharePoint


11:30 AM: Pipeline review 

  • Key task: Review and update sales forecasts.

  • Ask Qatalog: "What is the current status of all deals with a forecasted close date this month?"

  • Tools: Salesforce

2:00 PM: Client onboarding session 

  • Key task: Manage the scheduled client meeting.

  • Ask Qatalog: “What are the most recent discussions and interactions with client X?”

  • Tools: Google Calendar, Outlook

4:30 PM: Prospecting new leads 

  • Key task: Analyze and prioritize new leads.

  • Ask Qatalog: "Which industries or sectors are most responsive to our outreach efforts?"


10:00 AM: Sales strategy review with leadership 

  • Key task: Review sales forecasts.

  • Ask Qatalog: "Show the forecasted DBF for the end of this month that we prepared."

12:30 PM: Lunch & learn: Industry trends 

  • Key task: Pull industry trend reports and data.

  • Ask Qatalog: “Pull the latest reports on industry trends and provide a summary of key insights."

3:30 PM: Contract negotiation with prospective client 

  • Key task: Access all necessary documents for negotiation.

  • Ask Qatalog: “What products and offers could we give client X?”


9:00 AM: Weekly sales report preparation 

  • Key task: Prepare the weekly sales report.

  • Ask Qatalog: “How many deals have we won and lost vs competitors in the last quarter? What were the common reasons?”

  • Tools: Salesforce

1:30 PM: Client retention strategy session 

  • Key task: Review client feedback and satisfaction scores.

  • Ask Qatalog: "Summarize recent client feedback and satisfaction scores."

3:00 PM: Finalize proposals and send out to new customers 

  • Key task: Finalize proposals.

  • Ask Qatalog: "Show me examples of proposal templates we've used in the past few months."

Using Qatalog, Sales teams can streamline their workflows, enhance productivity, and improve client interactions. By leveraging Qatalog's powerful querying capabilities and integrations with essential tools, Sales professionals can stay on top of their game, making data-driven decisions and maintaining strong client relationships.

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