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5 reasons to trust Qatalog
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Sales teams know the pressure of balancing client meetings, strategy sessions, product demos, and ongoing training. Enter Qatalog – the AI-powered platform designed to help Sales teams work smarter, not harder.
The traditional concept of perfect documentation being the gold standard is becoming obsolete. We're moving towards a more dynamic, agile way of managing information, and Qatalog is at the forefront of this revolution.
In our recent webinar, we explored how Qatalog can transform your company's data into actionable insights, significantly boosting productivity.
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5 reasons to trust Qatalog

The security and efficiency of your work tools are more important than ever. When it comes to managing and leveraging your business data, trust is paramount. Qatalog understands this and has built a platform that prioritizes your privacy, security, and productivity. Here are five reasons why you can trust Qatalog.

1. We respect your data privacy

At Qatalog, your data privacy is our top priority. We understand the sensitive nature of the information you handle, and we are committed to protecting it. Unlike other platforms, we do not copy, index, or store your data. Your data remains exclusively yours, and we never use it to train our AI models. This ensures that your business intelligence stays confidential and secure.

2. We’re secure and compliant

Security breaches can have catastrophic consequences for any business. Qatalog takes this seriously by implementing full data encryption both in transit and at rest. This means that even when your data is being transferred across networks, it is always protected. 

Additionally, we comply with the highest industry standards including SOC II, GDPR, ISO 27001, and ISO 27701. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to maintaining a secure and compliant environment for your data.

3. We’re permissions-aware

Data access control is crucial for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your information. Qatalog ensures that your employees only view information they already have access to, reinforcing the security and relevance of all data interactions. This permissions-aware approach means you can trust that sensitive information remains accessible only to authorized individuals, reducing the risk of accidental data exposure.

4. We prioritize accuracy

Inaccurate data can lead to poor decision-making and lost opportunities. Qatalog prioritizes accuracy by generating responses that are up-to-date and resistant to hallucinations. Our AI models are designed to deliver precise information based exclusively on your data, ensuring that you can trust the insights and recommendations provided. This focus on accuracy helps you make informed decisions with confidence.

5. We provide custom responses

Every business is unique, and so are its data needs. Qatalog excels in providing custom responses to your queries. By asking questions in plain language, you can receive refined, tailored responses that address your specific requirements. This personalized approach not only enhances the user experience but also ensures that you get the most relevant and actionable insights from your data.

Curious to see if Qatalog is the right fit for your team? Get started today and request a live demo with us.

Qatalog is the world’s first Intelligent Work Hub. Our mission is to allow every business to work the way it wants, with bespoke software that centralizes people, processes and knowledge. It’s structured and seamlessly connected, meaning work becomes visible, processes are automated, and collaboration is supercharged. Made-to-measure and built to last, it adapts to the changing needs of the business. Founded in 2019, Qatalog has raised $18.5m in venture funding from backers including Atomico, Mosaic, and Salesforce Ventures.
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