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Team instant messaging apps vs. work hub

A work hub is a vital addition to your team’s instant chat. Read more

work hub vs team messaging chat apps slack teams

Why we built this

Why we're building a new infrastructure for modern work, from the people behind your work hub. Read more

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What is a work hub?

Everything you need to know about Qatalog's work hub. Read more

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Add context to your process management with a work hub

Every business and team have their own processes for different business functions. Read more


End the hunt for lost files with a work hub

Documentation apps come with organization and context-switching challenges. Solve them with a work hub. Read more


Should I invest in performance management software for my hybrid team?

The pros and cons of performance management software, and why you need a work hub instead. Read more


Deciding between a company wiki and a connected work hub

Companies have a lot of information. Documents. Messages. Files. Decks. Code. Emails. If you keep digging, it goes on and on. Read more


Why hybrid teams need connected project management software

The best project management software for your team is likely a work hub, whether you realize it or not. Read more


Why a work hub beats out the functionalities of a static employee directory

Find out why you need an employee directory, common problems with them, and whether your remote or hybrid team needs an employee directory or a connec... Read more

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How to determine the best collaboration software for distributed teams

The best place to start understanding your team’s communication needs is by reviewing your collaboration tech stack. Read more

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What is a digital workspace?

A digital workspace brings all your tools and processes together and gives you a place to do your work virtually. Read more

Graphic image what is a digital workspace

The pros and cons of workplace search tools vs. a cohesive work hub

If information isn’t accessible, team productivity will go down. You need a work hub to help find the information you need. Read more

Graphic image work place search vs. work hub

How an intranet differs from a work hub

Work about work takes up 60% of the average knowledge worker’s time. Enter intranets, the traditional solution for providing centralized access to in... Read more

Qatalog directory wireframe vs intranet

What’s the difference between a work management tool and a work hub?

Using a work hub untangles the mess of not knowing what is going on at work. By simplifying search and tying information together, we suddenly get bac... Read more

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Lost in the jungle of workspace apps?

In today's workspace, there are so many productivity and collaboration tools that teams can feel lost, but there is something that is actually missing... Read more


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